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Why you should buy the Zero Tolerance 0200 combat knife

The Zero Tolerance 0200- Features and Review

In some instances in life, there comes a time when one needs to use a knife. One of the best folding knives to get is the Zero Tolerance 0200. This is a professionally graded knife that can be folded and is good for combat. It is tough and is made to resists the harsh conditions.

Zero Tolerance 0200 Combat Knife

The Features

The Zero Tolerance 0200 comes with great features that include a good blade length measuring 9.8cm, a closed length at 13.3cm and a weight measuring at 7.7oz. Another important feature that is essential, is the handle that is 3D made with a mate back G 10.

It is made of stainless steel with a combination of Tungsten coatings. For safe keeping in the pocket this folding knife comes with a locking liner, a thumb stand and an opening that is ambidextrous.

The knife has various multi tasking jobs that are made good by the presence of the recurved blade, light in weight and greater performance. In tough cutting jobs, the user finds it easy due to the presence of the leverage blade designs, with an additional center pointed edge for easy piercings.

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The Pros

By getting the Zero Tolerance 0200, then one will get the solid and balances knife that is light in weight. In addition the folding mechanisms is very smooth, allowing one to open the knife with ease and quickly when in need. The handle is ergonomically made, with roughness for perfect grips The knife comes with belt clippers that are ideal for right and left handed people.

The Cons

Though the ZT 0200 is one of the best combat knives in the market, one of its setbacks is the pivot screw as the user will be required to have a crescent shaped wrench to make adjustments and tightening. After using it for some times, the blade must be sharpened. The problem comes when sharpening the Zero Tolerance 0200 curved blade as the fixed angles sharpener cannot easily reach the different curved edges.

The Zero Tolerance 0200 Tactical Response Knife Review: 4.5 out of 5  

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