Thursday, October 25, 2012

Zero Tolerance 0350 G10 Handle with Speed Safe- ZT 0350

Zero Tolerance 0350 Tactical Knife- (ZT 0350)

 Do you think you're one of those adventurous and outdoor men who love new cool gadgets to boost your fishing and hunting abilities securely? The most popular knife is out in the market that is light, compact, safe and hassle free. Owning a Zero Tolerance 0350 G10 Handle with Speed safe (ZT0350) knife is not a waste of your hard-earned money. The knife is resilient, simple to open and has razor-sharp blades that continue to last longer than any less expensive pocket knife in the industry now.

Special Features:

It might not differ from other tactical knives but it is more effective in terms of sharpness, sturdiness, and safety capabilities as not like others. A specific feature comes with: Small size (pocket-size) with effortless folding character Razor sharp cutter and measures for about 3 ¼ inches, weighs for about 6.2 oz.Sleek and stylish design, length 7 5/8 inches and with G10 matte-black handle for quick and secure grip Easy to open for a no "shlack" sound as the blade pivot throughout opening Stainless blade lined with black Tungsten

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The pros:

Only a few pocketknives have great quality and value. ZT G10 Handle with speed safe (ZT 0350) have equally quality and very affordable. On top of that, it has the following benefits and disadvantages to guide you in some minor means. The Pros recognize this item when you talk about best pocket knive is Ken Onion and Strider. Well respected for their excellent knives, they've worked together to make a new product and that's why the, Zero Tolerance 0350 was designed. You will be sure of high durability of handle, and blade. This knife uses "torx bolt" in the blade "pivot screw" preferably to the standard steel bolt in the "liner lock" , which is the cause of a "shlack "sound as soon as it is open. They fit nicely on all sorts of pockets regardless of whether you're dressed in pants or shorts because of its size. The handles composed of "matte-black" scales for a perfectly secure grip. The tungsten-coated blade helps make it more tolerant to rust.

The Cons:

Have some difficulties gripping the thumb stud especially for "left-handed" people.

Generally, this product is remarkable. For whatever purpose you put it to use, this one product sets example about worth for the money.

Zero Tolerance 0350 Tactical Knife -Review 4.5 Stars out of 5

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