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Zero Tolerance 0300 Combat Folding Knife

The Zero Tolerance 0300 Features and Review

The Zero Tolerance 0300 is a spring assisted type of knife that can be used as a combat knife but very aggressive. It comes with a speed safety assisted opening platform. The user can easily deploy it in one hand by using the thumb stud or the index finger that is protruding. This type of knife is made to be used in various instances.


 Zero Tolerance 0300 Combat Folding Knife

Features and specifications

  1. The Zero Tolerance 0300 is made of blade material stainless steel with Tungsten coating that makes it easy to clean and shine.
  2. It can be used easily as it comes with a blade length measuring 9.5cm and a thickness in blade of 0.156 inches. 
  3. The handle material is made of 3 D machines, G10 and a back that is made of titanium. This is also made with a titanium frame lock. This ensures the blade has been secured. 
  4. It also comes with a speed safe opening that is ambidextrous. 
  5. For easy mounting, there is the quad system for the tip down, tipping up and even the right and left handed clipping. 
  6. While on the field, one can make adjustments by using the head pivot nut shafts which allows adjustments.

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The pros

  • The Zero Tolerance 0300 is a strong spring assisted knife that is long lasting with ability to do tough jobs. 
  • It is little bit heavy thus making it good for tough jobs and also comes with a warranty period.

The cons

  • Though it is for tough jobs, it is expensive retailing at a price of $212.00. 
  • It is a big knife that cannot be carried easily everyday when one has worn jeans. 
  • The blade is big, with the speed safe not that great as it makes the deployment of the blade very slow.

The Zero Tolerance 0300 is made of top class materials, good designs and can hold well on the edges. This can easily be bought online.

The Zero Tolerance 0300 Combat Folding Knife Review: 4.5 out of 5 


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