Thursday, August 9, 2012

Zero Tolerance 0350 (ZT200ST) Review- The Last Knife You Will Ever Need

The Zero Tolerance 0350 Tactical Response Serrated Knife (ZT200ST) is the very last knife you will ever need. It is the knife every adventurist and outdoors-man would love to have.

Zero Tolerance 0350 (ZT200ST) Tactical Response


  1. Let's start with what makes it stand out from its older model the 0200, unlike that model this one is serrated, which makes cutting tough ropes easier. 
  2. It is perfect for anyone whether they are left/right handed with its ambidextrous opening feature, and locking liner along with a thumb stud. 
  3. The 154cm stainless steel blade is encased in a 3D machines G-10 case which comes in black. When the blade is put away, which won't be often because you will want to use this knife every chance you get.
  4. The blade itself is 3 7/8 inches in length. It weighs at 7.7 ounces which makes it a great size to carry with you anywhere your adventures may take you. 
  5. Unlike some of the other knives offered by the same company, this knife afford-ably offered new at $138.96, and can even be bought used for just over $60, making this knife the perfect affordable present for any knife lover out there.


  • One of the great things about this knife is its sharp point and serrated edge makes it great for multitasking.
  • The serrated edge also makes it great for tough cutting jobs, and easily gets you out of sticky situations.
  • It pierces and stabs very well making gutting fish or animals as easy as pie.
  • As mentioned earlier it opens very easily no matter which hand you use, and has a great grip so you have less chance of dropping it.
  • The knife comes sharpened and ready for use, and if it isn't as sharp as you prefer it easily sharpens with a stone for desired sharpness.

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  • About the only downside I can see for this knife is that it is a little heavy/bulky to be carried in your pocket, but can easily be stored in a bag that you carry with you.

The Zero Tolerance 0350 Tactical Response Serrated Knife (ZT200ST) Review: 5 out of 5

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